Welcome to Vital Spirit Ayurveda
Hi, my name is Dr. Josh AyD. and I created this business to be a home base for my clients to continue to learn and understand Ayurveda more deeply both as a science and as a lifestyle.
Ayurvedic Philosophy: The Building Blocks of Nature
The five elements are Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth and combine in different proportions to make up everything in the material universe. In Ayurveda they form the basis of understanding the three constitutional humors & the seven tissues.
Ayurvedic Origins: The Vedic Paradigm
Health & Wellness or the lack thereof is the summation of all the factors of life that make up the human experience. Disease and Suffering is largely a product of how an individual is interacting with their environment. By understanding how wellbeing arises and where disease begins, an Ayurvedic Practicioner begins with a very wide lens in an effort to truly see each client as an individual constellation of causative factors and possible solutions.
Ritucharya: The Wisdom of Seasons
Ayurveda is a science of natural rhythms. By understanding how the elements rise & fall in nature we can understand how they rise & fall within ourselves.
Dravyaguna: The Essence of Ayurvedic Herbalism
Herbal Medicine within the context of Ayurveda is a fascinating and rich topic on its own. When we examine and herb or substance to be used as medicine we are primarily concerned the five aspects of that medicine. These are the Rasa, Virya, Vipaka, Guna and Prabhava.
Food As Medicine: The Six Tastes of Ayurveda
By understanding what taste is predominant in a food, one can understand the dominant elements and thus have a lens to view food accurately as either supporting healing or contributing to pathology.
Samprapti: The Six Stages of Disease
Ayurveda proposes a compelling and detailed view of Disease Pathology. Similar to the pattern of the seasons, the ideal flow of the Dosha’s is such that after a Dosha has accumulated and reach its peak, known in Ayurveda as aggravation, the dosha is alleviated naturally through the body’s elimination channels. This process is supported by the wisdom of paying attention to these “inner seasons” of the body.
Introduction to The Three Doshas
Each Dosha is the confluence of two elements which produces a functional process that either sustains, regulates or recycles energy in the body.  The physiology of the human being is governed  by these three main forces and when functioning normally, they guide and regulate all normal physical processes.