Welcome to Vital Spirit Ayurveda

Hi, my name is Josh Fiedler Ay.D and I created this business to be a home base for my clients to continue to learn and understand Ayurveda more deeply both as a science and as a lifestyle. I have spent a great deal of time formulating the herbal medicines available on our Shop as a means to give immediate access to the benefits of well thought out, high quality herbal formulas that follow ayurvedic principles.

These Herbal Medicines were created with the understanding that while herbs can be used to accurately and effectively treat many disease conditions within the body tissues, they can also be used to harmonize our mind and emotions. The herbal tea blends within our store come from the mind and heart of an Ayurvedic Doctor seeking to give something of value to a larger audience than can be treated on a case by case basis. As you peruse our store, slow down and take your time to read and understand the emotional states being evoked alongside each physiological effect. A general introduction to Ayurvedic Herbalism will come into form as you come to understand the potential of each herbal formula and as you begin to understand how each blend effects the overall landscape of your body ecology. Health is something we cultivate with the choices we make every day, these medicines were designed to support those choices and stabilize a life in pursuit of health and wellness.

If you feel your health condition or symptoms are more emergent or more serious than what is described in the shop, then I highly recommend you switch to the consultation side of the website in order to set up a proper Consultation. The depth and specificity required to treat serious and chronic illnesses is beyond any singular product you will find in a store or an open marketplace.

As you walk your own path of healing & wellness, I encourage you to check back from time to time as well as follow us on social media. My primary aim with this brand and website is to create a place to both experience and learn about Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine and Self-Discovery through a more somatic, heart-centered lens.

If you have any thoughts or questions about our products, our consultations or the information presented on this page, I encourage you to reach out.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read, explore and learn!