Kapha Digest
Kapha Digest
Kapha Digest
Kapha Digest

Kapha Digest

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To remedy slow, sluggish digestion and nausea. These spices gently but firmly wake up and energize even the most stubborn digestive system.


Spicy, Energizing, Hot, Uplifting

Body System Affinity
Dosha Effect

VK-P+ Ojas- Agni+

What does this mean? Read More >


Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Pod, Ginger Root, Long Pepper, Black Pepper, Clove Bud


Pour 4-5 cups of fresh water into a pot on your stove. Bring to boil as you add contents of one pouch. Allow to simmer for 10-30 minutes. Strain and drink throughout the day or alongside meals.

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