Lucid Muse
Lucid Muse
Lucid Muse
Lucid Muse

Lucid Muse

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Genius blossoms from spontaneity. Everything around you is a creative asset in your journey to understand and express your heart’s story. This special blend inspires ceremony and companionship into the creative unknown.


Dreamy, Warm, Uplifting, Mystical

Body System Affinity

Dosha Effect

VP+K- Ojas- Agni=

What does this mean? Read More >


Yerba Mate Leaf, Damiana Leaf, Passionflower, Mugwort Leaf, Calendula Flower, St. Johns Wort, Gotu Kola Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, Rose Petal *contains caffeine


Pour one pouch into your favorite teapot. Add 2-3 cups of boiled water and allow to steep for 10-30 minutes. Strain and pour yourself a cup.

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