Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

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Some of us are young and some of us are young at heart! This blend was carefully crafted to be gentle and palatable for all the herbal newbies out there. A great place to begin for those just starting out or those who prefer a lighter, sweeter taste profile. To relieve stuck emotions, ground difficult outbursts and say whats in the heart.


Sweet, Delicious, Centering, Clarifying, Calming

Body System Affinity

Dosha Effect

VPK= Ojas= Agni=

What does this mean? Read More >


Tulsi Leaf, Rose Petal, Vanilla Rooibos Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Cinnamon Bark, Brahmi Leaf, Stevia Leaf


Pour 1-2 cups of boiled water over the contents of 1 pouch. Strain and then dilute in a favorite juice, milk or water.

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